Cherry Blossoms Season 2018 in Taiwan.

One of the most beautiful sightings of spring, the Cherry Blossoms Season 2018 is here and is gorgeous!

Cherry Blossoms Season 2018.

As the winter is getting colder here in Taipei, my time outdoors has decreased. While scrolling on my cellphone, I found the most interesting news “First cherry blossoms spotted in New Taipei City”. Surprised by this (I always thought this was a Japanese thing!), I made a day, grabbed my coat, and headed to TianYuan Temple in Tamsui, whose gardens have several cherry blossoms.

I’ve always known of people’s fascination with cherry blossom trees, in high school, one of my closest friends was always dreaming ongoing to Japan and see these Sakura trees. Until this day, for me they were only nice trees with pink flowers. I’m now in love with these beauties!


Cherry Blossoms Season 2018

Wuji TianYuan Temple in Tamsui. Photo by Richard Marin.



The Taoist temple of Wuji TianYuan it’s stunning by itself, rising in the hill with its beautiful facade. Take your time and walk thru the gardens. As you get deeper into them, you can see the first cherry blossoms.

There is plenty of walk-able space, water fountains, and benches for you to enjoy peacefully the place. Make sure to go all the way up to the top. The landscape from there won’t disappoint you!

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Searching around the internet, Japan covers the entire information. Well, let me tell you, Taiwan has several places to sight see, and the best part, it won’t kill your budget!

Cherry Blossoms Season 2018

Cherry blossoms welcoming spring!

Cherry blossoms in Taiwan: What you need to know!

  • What is a cherry blossom?

The cherry blossom, known worldwide as Sakura, is the flower of a Prunus tree. These trees found more in the temperate areas of the northern hemisphere. This flower doesn’t become a fruit; however, this tree is related to almond, peach and plum trees.

  • Cherry blossom forecast 2018.

Is happening during the last months of winter, some places might bloom in late January, during February, and will end on March. Locals say this year started earlier due to a warmer winter (nonsense! I’ve been freezing all along!) This year in Taiwan they are due to appear from mid-January until the end of March.

  • How long is cherry blossom season?

The season last around two-and-a-half months, from mid-January until the end of March. Depending on how cold the weather is in a particular area, the season might start until late-February.

  • How long are the cherry blossoms in bloom?

Each tree lasts around 15 to 22 days. Once the flower has blossomed takes one week to reach its peak, after another week it’s completely blossomed, and then will start falling. Rain and strong winds can cut the flowers sooner.

  • Where can you find cherry blossoms in Taiwan? How to get there?

These are the most famous places around Taiwan to spot cherry blossom trees. I’m providing you with the easiest directions for you to get there.

Northern Area.

TianYuan Temple, Tamsui.

From Taipei Main Station, take the MRT red line to Tamsui, and get down at the last station. Get out and turn right to the bus station. Take bus 875, and after 30 minutes, get down at Bei Xin Zhuang stop, walk straight to the Seven Eleven store and make a right.

Pingjing Street, Lane 42, Shilin.

From Taipei Main Station, take the MRT red line to Tamsui and get down on Shilin station. Walk three minutes to Shilin Farmers Association bus stop and wait for bus 303, after one hour ride get down at Lunziwei stop, walk straight and you can find the beautiful street decorated in pink.

Yangmingshan National Park, Beitou.

From Taipei Main Station, take the MRT red line to Tamsui and get down on Beitou station. From there take the bus 230, it will take directly to the park. This place has many things to offer, make sure you take the whole day to enjoy it.

Wulai Scenic Area, New Taipei City.

From Taipei Main Station, take the MRT red line to Xiangshan, get down at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and switch to the green line to Xindian.  At the north of the same station, take bus 849 to Wulai.

Central Area.

Alishan National Scenic Area, Chiayi.

From Taipei, it can take over 10 hours to get there by public transportation. It would combine buses and high-speed train for you to prove how convenient the system is around here. Once you are at Chiayi main station, take the bus 7322, get down at A Li Shan Rts and take the Forest Railway.

Wuling Farm, Taichung.

Even though is located in Taichung, is easier to get access from Yilan. Get to the Yilan railway station and from there take the Kuo Kuang bus to Lishan and get down just in front of the farm.

  • What countries have cherry blossoms?

The most popular place is Japan; the cherry blossom is also their national flower. You can find it as well in Korea, Siberia, China, United States, Canada, India, Iran, Pakistan, and of course here in Taiwan.

Last but not least!

  1. Take your more comfortable shoes! These areas are worth the visit and they all will make you walk.
  2. Is winter season during those months, some days are colder than others. And especially in those high places, the cold and strong winds may be present.
  3. Take your camera and your patience! It’s obvious to think that being so beautiful and popular, these places won’t be alone, and everybody wants a picture!
  4. Make sure to visit the food places around, they won’t disappoint!
  5. Chinese New Year is on February 15 and 16, meaning people from around the country and some neighbors may be celebrating here!

Well now you know, if you need to experience the cherry blossoms season 2018 without breaking your savings account, Taiwan is the best option for you!

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Found out more of my Taiwanese discoveries here.

14 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Season 2018 in Taiwan.

  1. Cherry blossoms are beautiful, but what makes them even more special to those of us who love them is that they signal Spring has begun (regardless of what the calendar may say.) Great picture of the temple, too!


  2. Thank you for this guide! I like that you tackled how to get to those places because that is something I’ve been researching for. I’ll be going to Taiwan in the third week of March and one of my goals is to see the cherry blossoms. Hopefully, I can still catch some.

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  3. Your photos are wonderful and the cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Living in NJ, our cherry blossom trees are not in fill bloom until the spring and I cant wait!

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