Discovering beautiful Taiwan.

It’s been a few months since we first arrived in Taiwan, and all I can summarize is Such an efficient place! Everything you ever heard about the beauty, efficiency and lovely people is absolutely true!

Discovering Taiwan

There is a convenience store on every corner, literally. Those little 7Eleven and Family Mart stores work as grocery stores, drug stores, and coffee shops, they all have copy machines, ATM machine, and you can even pay your bills.

People are so mindful of the line in the train, as well with recycling; everyone separates the trash and delivered properly to the truck that collects it. We’ve used several public services, from the post office, which is also a bank, to the hospital, in which in less than two hours we managed to do four medical checks, and for a very reasonable price.

There is a good variety of food, the restaurants around the home are humble but they have the best and the cheapest food, these are known as the “mom and dad restaurants”, and definitely are the best way to try the real local food, besides the night markets. Hot pots and dumplings restaurants are really famous as well. In the same way is super easy to find Thai, Korean, and the most popular one Japanese food.

I also had an amazing time discovering cherry blossoms in New Taipei city.

What I have discovered so far.

There is an amazing community of expats, if you come here on your own, and would like to meet people in your same situation, there are plenty of options to create new friendships based on network, language or food. These are my favorite groups:

Taiwan Expats Association

Taiwan Foodie Girls

Language Exchange in Taiwan

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit without leaving Taipei, if you are going to be working and will have limited time to go around the country, don´t worry, you still will have a lot to do, my recommended activities:

  • Go walk and try new food at Shilin Night Market, pretty big, easy to get to and an awesome vibe.
  • Take the MRT to Tamsui, get to meet around the pier, take a bike and start pedaling in the river bike lane, is safe and has a very beautiful view of the city.
  • Go hiking, it doesn´t matter how experienced you are, go to Da Hu Park and take advantage of those awesome hiking trails around, Yangminshan or Elephant Mountain is highly recommended as well.
DaHu Park 1

Da Hu Park lake and surrounding areas. The photo was taken by me.

And last but not least, my new favorite thing I just discovered here are the beautiful coffee shops all around the city, perfect if you need to study, work or just relax next to your favorite book. These places are cozy, warm and offer excellent coffee, tea and a variety of food, and most importantly, super stable wifi connection.

Explore my first Chinese New Year celebration here.

I´m looking forward to keeping discovering the city and the whole island, will keep you posted for sure!

7 thoughts on “Discovering beautiful Taiwan.

  1. What an amazing life you’re leading! I’d love to travel the world someday. Taiwan looks like a beautiful place full of rich culture, good food, and unique opportunities! Enjoy your time traveling, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

    Ashley @ Look for Little Helpers

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