Why running is my new favorite.

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I must admit I have never been athletic, nor that I am today. I remembered my gym classes at high school with such little joy, every time we had to run I frowned.

As I started university while working at the same time, I realized I needed a balance and a little me time, so I decided to look out for a fun exercise to do. And so, my journey from countless activities begun, I went from Zumba dancing classes to regular dancing classes to yoga, and Crossfit; everything in order not to consider running. As my schedule started being tighter, many of the classes format exercises were not suitable for me, I needed to exercise in mine own different free time every week. So after so many years refusing, my easiest most convenient activity was running.

I started running on my own, around the house, little by little every day. After several failed attempts, I have found my way to enjoy it, and now I can run 40 minutes in a row without falling out of breath!

running chart
My running chart for the last three months.

If you want to give it a try, from a beginner to another, let me recommend you this:

  • Have guidance. No need for an expensive gym membership or paying a personal trainer. There are many good sources online and apps for free. A good app should have a training plan, chose beginners mode so you will be running 2 times a week 20 minutes to start, then it will increase the frequency and time.
  • Attire. Choose a good pair of running shoes, complement it with a good running pants and shirts. Have a comfortable coat if needed. You have no idea the difference that this makes with a single run. Always remember to use sun protection, it doesn’t matter if is a sunny day or not.
  • Be aware of yourself. Listen to your body, if you feel pain or extreme fatigue take a rest and go have a check if needed. Follow the plan as it comes, if you feel super motivated, enjoy it but don’t burn yourself down.
  • Enjoy it. Don’t worry about going too fast too soon. Go out every day and enjoy the routine that is set for you. I personally rather go out running on my own, but if you prefer company go out with friends who understand and respect your own pace, but most importantly that encourage you to keep going. Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone’s running history is different, go out and create your own.

Now I can say running is part of my daily life, no matter how my day was, going out for a run always makes it better!


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